Q: How can I access my records?
A: All our clients have access to their documents via our secure server 24/7.
Q: Is your turnaround time guaranteed?
A: : For dictations received by 8:00 pm EST/EDT completed transcriptions can usually be downloaded from our secure site within 24 to 48 hours.
Q: Can I use my Smart Phone or tablet to upload and receive files?
A: Yes. You can dictate, or upload, retrieve, review and sign reports right from a smart phone or tablet computer.
Q: Can I receive my documents directly into my EMR?
A: Yes. We can provide integration with major EMR systems. This is usually set up only after you have used our services for at least three months.
Q: What is safer, phone dictation or digital upload? 
A: Both are equally safe to use. For phone dictation we provide you with a toll-free phone number and an access code. For dictations with digital recorders we can work with file extensions .wav, .wma, .dss, .ds2, .msw, .dvf, .mp3 and many others.
Q: What happens if the transcriptionist cannot identify a word in the dictation?
A: Although seldom with reasonably clear dictations, it may happen occasionally that a word cannot be identified. In this case the transcriptionist will leave a blank space with an underline _______
Q: What happens if I make a mistake and there is a blank dictation?
A: Start again. The “blank” dictation will be no charge.
Q: Do I have to pay anything if I decide not to use TeleDicta after the trial period?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Are your prices in US or Canadian Dollars?
A: Both, US and Canadian clients pay the same Dollar amount.
Q: Can you apply my standard template?
A: Yes. We will format your reports according to your specifications with regard to font, file names, salutations, etc. All new clients complete a Physician Profile  informing us of their formatting preferences.
Q: Do you work with qualified text?
A: Yes. To save dictation and transcription time we can convert your standard phrases to a macro that the transcriptionist inserts whenever you use it in your dictation.
Q: How do you protect patient identifiable information?
A: We strictly follow the regulations of HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada).