The clearer your dictation instructions, the better we can serve you. Here are a few hints for efficient dictation
  • Gather all the reference documents before you begin
  • Make sure you are able to work without being interrupted.
  • Take breaks between reports to relax your mind.
Spelling of Unfamiliar Words
Our transcriptionists are familiar with the spelling of most drug names. To assist us in becoming even more efficient we would appreciate if you spell out any uncommon names, including patients’ last and first names.
Spelling Alphabet
A Alpha J July S Sierra
B Bravo K Kilo T Tango
C Charlie L Lima U Uniform
D Delta M Mike V Victor
E Echo N November W Whisky
F Foxtrot O Oscar X X-ray
G Golf P Peter Y Yankee
H Hotel Q Quebec Z Zebra
I India R Rome    
Always say the word, followed by “spelled” ,before you start to spell it.
Example: To spell the word “synopsis”  you would say:
“Synopsis, –  spelled   Sierra – Yankee – November – Oscar – Peter – Sierra – India – Sierra.”
Formatting Instructions
To indicate that a word should be underlined, capitalized or typed in bold print, simply say “Stop”, and give the desired command.
Stop – in figures
Stop – in capitals
Stop – underline type
Stop – spelled
Stop – in bold type
Stop – centered
To cancel the command, please say: “End of capitals”, “End of underline”, ” End of bold type”, etc.
Dictating Numbers
To ensure accuracy of numbers, please dictate them like this:
0 = zero – (not “O”)
1,000 = one thousand – not thousand
1977 = nineteen seventy seven
3.18 = three point one eight
12,700 = twelve thousand seven hundred
Punctuation Instructions
Please use the words below to indicate special punctuation instructions.
: Colon
; Semicolon
! Exclamation mark
( Open parentheses
) Close parentheses
Open quotation marks
Close quotation marks
/ Slash
  New line
  New paragraph
Qualified Text
If you use certain standard phrases that are always the same for e.g. normal cardiac results, fully dictate the detailed text during the first dictation. Later you would dictate only an instruction such as “insert normal text” and the transcriptionist will type the entire paragraph that is required for ‘normal patients’. This will save dictation and transcription time.
We hope you will find this information useful.